Do You Know What Defenestration Means?

No? Any guesses after seeing this photo? Still, no? Look carefully at what I’m doing to Alex.

If you’re still clueless, defenestration’s interesting origins are worth a quick read on Wikipedia. But the bigger question that you’re probably wondering is why are we acting out defenestration?

In January we were tasked with a project by the sister of some friends who are expecting a baby in late March. She was putting together an ABC’s baby book where friends and family were supposed to take photos depicting something that started with the letter (or number) they were assigned—we were given the letter D.

We hemmed and hawed about what we should do. Do we choose something that you typically see in baby books that seem to make sense to be among baby’s first words like Dinosaur, Dad, Dump Truck, or Dog? Or do we go crazy and start prepping baby for the SAT with some big, esoteric verbiage?

We decided to do both and let the people putting it together decide. So we gave them two choices. This photo below with a Dog and a Door and the one at the top with Dog, Door, and Defenestration (and we noticed Driveway in there too, but forgot to send that along when we submitted the photo).

And they chose….

Awwww yeah! They loved Defenestration, so in the book it went! Can’t wait to hear our friends’ baby say it for the first time 😛

Also, I feel like sharing some of what others did from the book and for you to be able to see how it turned out. “E is for Eating stuff” from our friend Duncan had me in stitches.

And then there were some other overachievers who topped us by having eight items that started with the letter M in their photo.

M is for Michigan Minnesota

Overall, this was a fun project that I think is a fantastic idea for a couple who are expecting a baby. Shutterfly has a template where all you need to do is add the photos so it’s minimal work for someone to put together as well.

And thank you Molly and Adam for letting us borrow Moxie for the photoshoot! And for letting me throw Alex out of your window 😛 You guys are awesome!

Lastly, if you live in San Francisco you may be familiar with the building on 6th and Howard that’s actually titled Defenestration—an entire building devoted to an art installation demonstrating defenestration. It’s worth a drive-by if you haven’t seen it before.

Defenestration San Francisco

2 Responses to Do You Know What Defenestration Means?

  1. vidyatiru says:

    i was trying to find out if this building -Defenstration – was still alive and well (since I have not been around there for a year or more now) and I found your blog.. love your blog.. and have referenced it in my travel post for this week..

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