Product Review: Almond Dream Yogurts

The other week I spotted a new non-dairy yogurt at Whole Foods from Almond Dream. It took me by complete surprise because I hadn’t heard a peep about these yogurts prior to landing on store shelves and usually the vegan community is abuzz months before new product releases. I excitedly threw one of each flavor in my cart and went home to try them. I also had Alex do the taste test with me and here’s our verdict on these new non-dairy yogurts.

Overall, they’re good. Not the best non-dairy yogurt on the market (that title still belongs to Wildwood), but definitely solid and I can see myself purchasing them on occasion. As far as non-dairy yogurt goes, I LOVE LOVE Whole Soy Unsweetened Plain. Frankly, it’s the most (and Wildwood Plain Unsweetened is a close second) yogurt-like vegan yogurt I’ve found. It’s deliciously sour and creamy like yogurt should be and I think that’s the problem I have with the Almond Dream ones—they remind me more of a custard rather than a yogurt. And when I ate them with that mindset, I REALLY enjoyed them.

Christina’s favorite: Call me Plain Jane, but that’s the one I liked best. I actually liked all of them, but can see myself gravitating towards the plain more often than the others. The strawberry and mixed berry flavor are very reminiscent of the strawberry and mixed berry yogurt flavors I remember from childhood. So if you love those flavors, you will probably like Almond Dream’s version of them too.

Alex’s favorite: Alex actually really loved these yogurts and thinks they are on par with Wildwood (his overall favorite). He too liked them all, but mixed berry was his favorite and strawberry his second favorite, which is usually the case with any yogurt so his preference is not all that surprising.

20 Responses to Product Review: Almond Dream Yogurts

  1. Kathy says:

    Wonder when Almond Dream yogurt will come to the U.P.? OK, won’t hold my breath… YOU enjoy it!

    • Christina says:

      Haha! Though, I will say that I’ve been surprised with what the Houghton and Marquette co-ops often carry. I’ve seen a couple varieties of non-dairy yogurts. I bet if you asked them, they would try carrying it for a while and if it sells well, likely keep it on their shelves. Or you can always come out here to visit and try all of the gazillion different brands 😛

  2. Oksana Graf says:

    It is amazing! I am hooked

    • Christina says:

      I’ve seen other not very positive comments about these new Almond Dream yogurts so it’s nice to hear that you agree, Oksana! I think the biggest complaint I’ve heard is that they are too sweet, but that’s why I say you should approach eating them almost as a dessert—like a sweet custard.

  3. Diane says:

    I have been disappointed in the consistency of this product. Often it is lumpy and curddled-looking. My last container was only 2/3 full.

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for your comment, Diane. I too have noticed some inconsistencies with their yogurts recently. Sometimes they can be smooth and creamy and other times they can be lumpy even after vigorous mixing. Hopefully, they’ll iron out the inconsistency issue soon.

      • Candace Bentrott says:

        I too have noticed the very same thing – the inconsistency of this yogurt. I buy about 14 of them a week and in the last two months I have had to return the whole batch I bought. When they are creamy, they are great…when they are lumpy ..they taste like curdled pudding. Yuck! I am not sure why this inconsistency occurs. Might it be that a certain factory doesn’t know how to make it?

      • Christina says:

        I’m not sure what could cause the inconsistencies, Candance, but I just wrote Almond Dream asking if they could provide any insight and to let us know whether they are working to correct that. I’ll let you know when I get a response.

  4. Candace says:

    Thank you, so much, Christina.

    • Christina says:

      No problem, Candace! I actually recently received a response from them and here’s exactly what they said:
      “Your specific experience has been reported to our Quality Assurance Team.

      In appreciation of the time you took to contact us, we have mailed product coupons to the address provided in your original email. Please allow 10 business days for first class US mail delivery.

      If you still have the product packaging in your possession, we ask that you include the “best by” date code, including any letters or numbers that follow it, as well as the UPC – the numbers below the bar code.

      As one of our valued customers, your satisfaction is very important to us and we will share your comments with our Leadership Team. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-434-4246, Monday through Friday from 7AM – 5PM Mountain Time.”
      While it doesn’t give any info as to what the cause of the inconsistencies may be; hopefully, with this complaint they will work to resolve it.

      • Christina says:

        I just wanted to follow-up on this since the last several times I’ve purchased Almond Dream yogurts they have been a perfect consistency. So perhaps they’ve worked out the kinks? I’m loving them again!!

  5. Ken says:

    Honestly, I’ve been buying the “Plain” at Whole Foods and eating about 3 a day; maybe a little too much? I myself tried the Coconut, Strawberry, and Vanilla; they were too sweet. The “Plain” is sweet too, but manageable.

    Christina, thanks for your input; glad to find others have experienced this Yogurt. I kind of wonder if it is making me bloating (gain weight)? Unfortunately, I don’t do Soy; I believe Soy isn’t beneficial for me, it really makes my stomach look fat.

    Again, thank you for your research, it is greatly appreciated. Do you think it is the Sugar content that makes it fattening or is it just me? Thanks!

  6. Adonis says:

    I like this product because it is not sour and compared to most non-dairy yogurts, it contains less grams of sugar per serving.

    • Christina says:

      I agree about the less sugar aspect of Almond Dream yogurts! Also, I just noticed that they have a slightly new formula with new packaging and I think I like the new formula even better 🙂

  7. RSL says:

    Why did Almond Dream yogurt change the container to a slightly wider one? Since then, the yogurt seems more watery.

    • Christina says:

      I have no idea why they changed their containers. You’re right, though, that the consistency of the yogurt has also changed so I assume they reformulated their yogurts in addition to creating a new container.

      • Ken says:

        I agree with the other responses. The new container of the Almond Dream yogurt is more watery and I no longer eat it. I used to love the Plain, now I can’t eat it. I noticed it is made from a different location and they use some type of corn by-product, maybe that is why the consistency is not what it used to be. Again, the original Plain had better consistency and was good tasting to me; the new container, I tried and unfortunately haven’t bought it again. 😦

  8. Toni says:

    sorry, have to disagree with anyone who says the Almond Dream Mixed Berry is good. I’ve eaten several brands of non-dairy yougurts, and this is the most tasteless of the ones I’ve tried. The texture is unappealing as well. I like drinking Almond Dream milk, though. Thanks for giving me a chance to post my review 🙂

  9. Andrea says:

    I didn’t like it. I agree with Ken. I had the Vanilla and it was horrible. I even added granola to help with the flavor, but I still didn’t like it. I didn’t taste any Almond flavor, it was very runny and sweet. Will not purchase this again.

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