Green Machine Smoothie

I have been eating this smoothie every day (for weeks) as a post-lunch snack. By using seasonal fruit and taking advantage of the luscious kale that is in abundance at the markets right now, you too should enjoy this nutrient powerhouse. The great thing about the Green Machine is that even if you abhor kale you’ll still love this smoothie! It’s the perfect way to add this high-nutrient dense veggie into your diet. I promise you won’t even taste it! The fruit completely overpowers the flavor of the kale and the only way you know it’s in there is because of the beautiful green color it lends to the smoothie.

Powerhouse Green Machine Smoothie

  • 2  oranges peeled (make sure to remove all of the pith otherwise your smoothie will be bitter—it’s happened to me, don’t let it happen to you)
  • 3 apples cored
  • 1 pear cored
  • 2-inch peeled chunk of ginger (optional—but for me, this makes the smoothie!)
  • 1 banana
  • 2 cups frozen pineapple chunks
  • 2 cups kale, rinsed and de-stemmed
Directions: Place all of the fruit ingredients and ginger in a blender and blend until super smooth. Also, I layer the fruit in my blender starting with the oranges, then apple, pear, banana, ginger, and pineapple so that the juice from the oranges adds enough liquid that you don’t need to add any extra juice. It makes for a crazy thick smoothie that you can eat with a spoon so that it’s as nutrient dense as possible. Then add the kale and blend again until completely smooth. Enjoy!
Note: I have a Vitamix blender and have not tested this in any other machine so in the case that it won’t blend you might need to add a smidge of juice.

7 Responses to Green Machine Smoothie

  1. Kathy says:

    Looks good! May have to try one. Your photo makes it look absolutely yummy.

  2. cathie says:

    Sounds great, thanks for the recipe..

  3. Elisa's Spot says:

    Have you tried this with sunbutter without banana? (also allergic to bananas lol, and yogurt does the migraine dance)

    • Christina says:

      Sorry to hear that bananas are a no-go too 😦 I actually haven’t tried this particular smoothie with sunbutter so I can’t say with certainty whether it’s good or not. I have, however, omitted the banana altogether and it is still awesome! Just add extra berries to make up for the loss of banana.

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