Hiking Land’s End

It was another glorious weekend in San Francisco and we started our Saturday early with a hike on Land’s End. We arrived at the Cliff House shortly after 10am and it was already starting to feel warm.

Our notoriously late friends (we love them regardless!) were running an hour late so we had some time to enjoy the sea breeze, soak up some vitamin D, and enjoy the marvelous views. I also had time to take a bathroom break in Cliff House and refill my water bottle while Alex sat down on this bench and caught up with Twitter.

When our friends arrived, we began our trek. The trail hugs the cliff along the ocean and provides incredibly dramatic views—such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Sea Cliff (where you’ll find houses priced in the 10s of million dollars) neighborhood pictured below.

You can see the beautiful, rocky coastline below and then Danijela meditating in the middle of the labyrinth on the right.

We continued along the trail and I was able to snap some photos of our friends; Amy, Alex, Marius, Brian, and Danijela.

Oh, and I can’t forget the littlest guy of our group, Mr. Mathias. Look at those gorgeous bright blue eyes.

And by the time we arrived back at the parking lot the sun was very warm and intense, creating a glowing baby. Dada was doing something super funny at the time and it made him giggle like mad.

And then he turned and smiled for the lady with the camera. Precious!


4 Responses to Hiking Land’s End

  1. Kathy says:

    Christina, what great photos! I really want to visit San Francisco one of these days. Heard that Erin stayed with you. I loved the one time I visited this beautiful city. The ocean view reminds me of San Diego, looking down on Blacks Beach, with Christopher. Hope all is well! (I think it is when you are spending such a wonderful time with friends.)

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