Exposing Myself to Inevitable Failure

Ever since I loaded some of my 2011 holiday baked goodies and candies to Flickr, I have been overwhelmed with emails asking for recipes. And considering I have been toying with the idea of creating a general blog (aside from my travel blog: Shanghaied Away) that includes food creations, crafty things, Bay Area adventures, random (but hopefully somewhat interesting) musings, and any other arbitrary life happenings – for some time. So thank you to everyone who expressed so much interest in my goodies as your emails have been my catalyst to finally take the plunge into sharing my life with the world.

Back in the day when I worked at Tribe.net, I wrote several blog posts a week and I honestly miss doing that. It forced me to put my thoughts into words, massaging my brain cells into crafting thoughtful life musings. However, after years of not writing, those decrepit brain cells need some serious massaging – like a deep-tissue-feel-like-my-body-has-been-battered-and-bruised massage.

Actually, I think my fear of whether I can even craft a blog post has stopped me from doing this sooner. In the age of Twitter and Facebook I’m not sure I even remember how to write fully formed thoughts that are more than 250 characters long. My mind used to ruminate on all sorts of fascinating things about the world – but I feel like I’ve lost that. Actually, I’m not sure much activity is happening upstairs at all anymore. So sad. Really. My own brain cells are actually starting to bore me and I’d really appreciate if they’d start to stir some activity up there. So needless to say, this blog will be a huge challenge and it might be a total failure. But I guess that shouldn’t stop me from trying, right? Also, I doubt that I’d regret the posts that do make it on this blog so even if the entirety of it ends up in some blog abyss with all of the other unupdated blogs out there, at least I have some posts that I can reflect on in the future. So here she goes – my little fruits of adventure.

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